restoration of balcony

with the performence of all relevant preventiv measures,
skim damaged coatings,
preparation of the underground,
esteblishment of waterproofing layer and apply wearing coatings like fluid plastic, tiles aso.


restoration of concrete

restoration of the durability by removing and reprofiling of the damaged areas with appropriate concret substitute material,
recovering of the corrosion protechtion from the reinforcement,
apply system conform bonding courses and compensational concret mortar,
apply surface protect systems,
injection of epoxy resin, polyurethan resin or micro cement systems into cracks and concavity


restoration of masonry

by replacing of jointing manually as well as mechanically,
replacment of bigger parts of the masonry,
preparation of the watercourse from coping builded of querrystone or with cover panael,
manufaction and integration from crossing into the surrounding masonry,
replacement of damaged window envelopments, parts of ledges, stools or sockets,
manufaction of purposeful dry core drillings,
manufaction und supply of spike- and strain- systems,
anchorage of retaining walls,
manufaction of additional substructure


building protection tasks

on damaged components by damness or sponges,
intgration of damp-proof courses,
drill- and injection procedure for removing sponges,
floor coatings


borer tasks

every length and diameter in wet- or dry drill procedure into masonry, earth and reinforced concrete


injection- and backfill tasks at diverse stonework

on historic masonry with a manual pump or with a screw pump


manufacturing of static strengthening

to increase the load capacity of structural elements by integration of additional substructure and applying of gunned concrete or by gluing of lamellar steelsheets or carbon fibre reinforced lamella,
reinforcment of pillars with carbon fibre reinforced- sheets or gunned concrete with additional structure


gunned concrete tasks

in wet- und dry spray procedures after the preparation of the underground,
application of all required savety- and cleaning tasks


sand blasting tasks

application of all required safety- and cleaning tasks


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